Meet the boys.

They just want to play some music.

And 3 out of 4 of 'em will take you up on your offer to buy them a drink.

The pictures were provided by Fire on Main and taken by Ronda Lee.
She did the best she could with the subjects she had to work with. Please don't hold it against her.

Ben - Accordion and Vocals
After years of fruitlessly studying the piano, Ben found his true calling in the instrument many musical experts refer to as "the closest humans will get to reproducing the sound of angels". Oh yeah, it says here he sings, too. Huh.
Jude - Violin and Guitar
Despite being the only musician in the group to actually be able to play his instrument well, Jude is surprisingly humble. All he asks is that his band mates don't share his side of the stage. Or look him straight in the eye. Or speak to him.
Jaden - Banjolele
Holding the Washington State record for most times asked to repeat the name of his instrument, Jaden never-the-less marches resolutely on with his infectious laugh and tiny, tiny strings.  
Jon - Double Bass
Jon is a college student who likes jazz and long walks on the beach. If he had a penny for every time someone called his instrument a big violin, he wouldn't be in nearly as much student loan debt.